Lawn Renovation - Slice Seeding

Lawn RenovationRenovation is the process to use when your lawn, for whatever reason, needs to be totally replaced with a new lawn. Using special tiller blades, AgroLawn's power seeded will slice the grass seed into the top half inch of soil. This maximizes seed/soil contact so optimum germination can occur.


To encourage germination and insure a healthy start for the seeded turf, we'll apply a "starter" fertilizer. This type of fertilizer is formulated specifically for newly seeded areas and contains just the right balance of nutrients for young grass plants.


Seeding your Lawn Your lawn renovation will be successful only if the area is properly and consistently watered for four to six weeks following seeding. Don't worry, we'll provide complete instructions.


You will see continuous development and improvement over a period of about four to five months. And once the lawn is established, it is very important to maintain it correctly. Proper mowing and fertilization, along with weed and insect control, are vital. We would be happy to discuss those services with you.



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