AgroLawn Programs

AgroLawn has designed three different programs to accommodate the needs of our clients. Each program consist of a set of treatments performed during the course of the year. Depending on the season and the current weather, AgroLawn technicians apply different treatments to insure a healthy green lawn.


AgroLawn Basic Program

Five Timely Visits per Year - Our basic program includes fertilization, weed control, crabgrass Prevention and preparation for the winter season. These visits are performed between March and November for best results.



AgroLawn Basic With Lime Program

Six Timely Visits per Year - This program builds on top of our AgroBasic program by adding an additional visit for a Lime application. This additional treatment helps reduce soil acidity and encourages response to fertilizer treatment.



AgroLawn Plus Program

Seven Timely Visits per Year - Continuing with the excellent program of AgroBasic with Lime, this program adds Core Aeration with Overseeding. This treatment is fundamentally important to loosen compacted soil.



Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment along with certified EPA products that are environment friendly. Please call us at (410) 884-0561 to obtain a free estimate and arrange for the program that best fit your needs.


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