Caring for the Environment

AgroLawn embraces environmentally sound management practices. We select our products mindful of the Chesapeake Bay and our environment. We use the minimal amount of herbicides and emphasize IPM. IPM, or Integrated Pest Management, emphasizes monitoring and scouting for target weeds and pests and only then applying the minimal amount of the product needed.

As a member of the Maryland Turf Grass Council, we receive frequent training along with updates on:

  1. New products.
  2. Equipment regulations.
  3. Safety and Environmental issues.

AgroLawn uses low to no phosphorus fertilizers. Phosphorus has been suspected to contribute to some of the Bay's water quality issues. Thick, healthy lawns absorbs water run off, keep soil and other pollutants from reaching storm drains, local streams, and other pathways to the bay.

Environmental Benefits

A healthy lawn provides the following environmental benefits:

  1. Cooling. Lawns have substantial cooling effect via evaporation.
  2. Clean air. Grass not only creates oxygen but improves the quality of the environment by removing pollutants and other particles from the atmosphere.
  3. Decomposes organic pollutants. Turf organisms are active in the decomposition of organic waste and hydrocarbons, which leads to soil improvement.
  4. Lessens global warming. Grass can absorb and sequester carbon dioxide greenhouse gases.
  5. Noise filter. Grass and other ornamentals help absorb sound, potentially reducing noise pollution in some areas by 20-30 percent.
  6. Reduced surface water and nutrient runoff and nutrient leaching.
  7. Ability to compete with allergy, producing weeds.
You can be assured that AgroLawn is committed to providing environmentally responsible lawn care.
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