AgroLawn Basi Program
Five Timely Visits Per Year
1st Treatment
Fertilization and Crabgrass Prevention
March - April
Granular fertilizer feeding, using premium Barricade plus fertilizer, will promote thick grass with a vigorous root system. In addition, we will control crabgrass at this time before it becomes a problem.
2nd Treatment
Broadleaf Weed Control
April - May
AgroLawn's liquid application of Lesco Momentum control more than thirty-five common weeds including dandelio, plantain, chickweed and clover.
3rd Treatment
Late Spring Fertilization
May - June
Slow release, high nitrogen, premium granular fertilizer will be applied to your lawn to promote vigorous top growth and a dark green color. If needed, spot weed control will be provided at no additional charge.
4th Treatment
Early Autumn Fertilization
Late August - September
A blend of dry granular fertilizer will be applied to maintain proper levels of fertilization and keep your lawn lush green. We will inspect your lawn for weeds and treat them as needed at no extra charge.
5th Treatment
October - November
We will apply a blend granular fertilizer in late autumn to prepare your lawn for winter and promote a healthy dense turf in spring. This application encourages root growth that allows for a quicker "green-up" in the spring.
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