AgroLawn Aeration, Renovation And Leafgro®

Soil TreatmentOne of the fundamental parts of caring for your lawn is treating the soil. AgroLawn has designed a set of services aimed to improve the state of the soil underneath your lawn. From compacted soil to thatch, a number of things can prevent your lawn to reach its healthiest state regardless of fertilization and/or watering.


If not treated on time, it may be required to replace your lawn completely. As part of our commitment to turn your lawn into a healthy, green turf, AgroLawn offers this service using state-of-the-art equipment. Our technicians will ensure that your lawn receive the care it needs and will monitor the different stages of growth in the replaced lawn.


Additionally, AgroLawn uses Leafgro®, an organic compost sponsored by the State of Maryland. This organic matter enriches the soil under your yard from the ground up thus ensuring a healthy, green lawn.

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